Attendees:  Shane Guilliams, Erica Brooks, Jill Waldrop, Lisa Amato, Rozanne Hird, Amy Grimes and Jayson Meyer from Columbia

Meeting was called to order: 6:34 pm by our president, Shane Guilliams

Minutes: Minutes approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $ 4278.61—Ray has not been reimbursed from our Columbia account.

Old Business –

A.      Big 12 Update:

a.     Picnic 11/7 –Texas rep who started this is moving – US Food is helping with supplies. Instead of the canned food drive @ watch parties we will ask for money to donate to St. Mary’s Food Bank.

B.      Goals Review:

a.     Endowment letter –Per Jayson, we can set up the website to accept donations linked to the alumni association. This way the money will not go into the general fund, but will get to our endowment.

b.     Lisa to ask Jayson for training to represent the association at local college nights – Jill and Jayson had discussed this. We all feel what we are doing is very appropriate. Lisa should send an email to Natalie Ault to get her involved in recruiting like Parker and Adrianna have done.

c.     Membership – We are at 0 so far.

C.      Football books – Only 2 left. Erica bought 1 and we all decided to give the second one to Natalie Alt

New Business

A.   Leaders’ weekend –Sept 17th-19th – Shane, Don and Jill went, Don Prater received Legacy award

B.    Football watch parties –

a.     Unofficial party for CO had 16-18 attendees

b.     Texas A&M  - Official party with announcement

c.     Homecoming – OK- Official party

  1. Golden graduates event –
    1. 60 attendees. 5 board members and one board guest, Jayson. Total cost for Marie Calendars - $1392. Cost for decorations - $83.48. We think the net cost to the chapter will be ~ $600 after reservation and raffle income and the grant money. We all feel it was a great success. Lisa will send out thank you cards.
  2. Jayson Meyer presentation – We were honored to have our board meeting during dinner at Phoenix City Grill and Jayson answered questions and did a presentation about Mizzou.
    1. The service packet was sent electronically to Shane.
    2. Jill and Shane’s expenses for leaders weekend must be submitted to Jayson for reimbursement.

Board comments:

The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, Nov 8, 2010 Larry’s office 6245 N 24th Parkway , Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016. 

Respectfully submitted,

Rozanne Hird

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