AttendeesJill Waldrop, Rozanne Hird, Erica Brooks, Amy Grimes, Don Prater, Ray Leppien  

Meeting was called to order @ 6:04 pm, by our president, Erica Brooks

Introduction of new board members

Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s Report ending balance is $ 3,083.27, Erica turned in raffle tickets money and Jill turned in more money from sale of football books.  Parker scholarship second half has been paid. Approved


Old Business –

  1. Scholarship Fundraiser update –All books sold
  2. Past & upcoming events –
    1. Watch parties Fri 9/25 vs Reno- 26 attended, Oct 8 vs Nebraska- 85 attended and 10/17 vs OSU- 31 attended
    2. St. Vinny Sat Oct 3- 13 attended, then went to lunch after
    3. 10/24 vs Texas 5 pm (homecoming),  KSU 11/14 and KU 11/28 we will have watch parties
  3. Big 12 UpdateWe are now on Facebook groups, Happy hour 10/22 @ Cadillac Ranch, food drive during football watch parties again this year (canned goods or preferably money donations) will include a raffle ticket each time a donation is received, planning a family event in Feb, maybe bowling, 2010 planning very busy with a happy hour in Jan, Feb bowling, March cruiser crawl & Royals spring training, April softball, May happy hour, June golf, July bar olympics.  Erica needs to call Fiesta Bowl Insight Street Crew to invite them to one of our watch parties, as they hand out neat raffle prizes, like signed footballs, helmets, etc. We have a Google calendar. We voted to give homecoming raffle money for St. Mary Food bank and sale of Harpo’s cups to scholarship fund
  4. Columns update – Still need Pride, Respect, Tradition and Responsibility
  5. Website redesignErica’s goal is to contact Steve by the end of the week to discuss new website and will also update the current website by weekend.
  6. Endowment letter update - Erica talked to Jayson. The letter and bios are ready to go out to all alums in the area 1st week in Nov.  Bios will be in color. Printing covered by Mizzou and we only have to pay for the postage out of our account. Jayson said we could anticipate income of $3000 from this mailing.
  7. Goals Review
    1. Endowment letter update – Done (see above)
    2. Student recruitment activity – Amy & Lisa should talk to the students @ Thanksgiving break to plan for Jan
    3. Membership – we have 3 now, need 5, Josh needs to renew.
    4. Contacting high school newspapers – Lisa to do?
    5. Relationship with Kim Covington – Jill working on getting Tertulia kids a tour of the station
    6. Mizzou magazine ¼ submission Jill talked to several people @ Mizzou during leaders weekend but received no answers.
    7. Website redesign – Hope to have up and running by year end.

New Business

  1. Leader’s Weekend –Jill attended, and brought back our latest award. We & Rocky mountain chapter remain the only 2 out of state chapters to receive Capstone every year since its inception. We now have our own chapter business cards. Jill gave us info on all of the events she attended and things she did.
  2. Savitar pages from Don Don has a 1923 Savitar with nice campus photos that we might be able to use as lithograph background on chapter stationery.
  3. Move location of meeting We discussed moving the board meeting to Shane’s office @ Elliott and I-10. We decided not to unless it would encourage Steve and Heather to attend.

Board comments Jill said a diversity grant needs to be written for 2010, for some event, maybe a party for graduates from more than 50 years ago. She can not do it since she is now on the committee that would approve our submission.


Next Board meeting- Monday, 11/9 @ Larry’s office


The meeting was adjourned at 7:16 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Rozanne Hird

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