Attendees:  Shane Guilliams, Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Rozanne Hird, Amy Grimes, and Jill Waldrop via phone

Meeting was called to order: 6:15 pm by our president, Shane Guilliams

Minutes: Minutes approved with correction Ault.

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $ 3678.61 + $350 Shane deposited from our raffles + $844 Jill deposited from NFL books. Shane has a $96 bill for Golden Grads decorations.

Old Business –

A.      Big 12 Update:

a.     Picnic 11/7 –1st place Texas A&M, 2nd Mizzou, Texas and Iowa State tied for 3rd. Canned food drive will continue until championship game. 45 Mizzou RSVP. Photos have been posted

B.      Dean’s event – Well received. Good attendance.

C.      Watch parties – Past attendance # turned into the alumni association.

D.      Goals Review:

a.     Membership – We have 2 new members, Sarah Turley and Jessica Smithson.

New Business

A.   Football watch parties –

a.     Kansa State- 10 am start time – Shane will check with George and have Jayson send an email for an official watch party.

b.     Iowa State and ku are TBD

  1. Golden graduates event –
    1. We stuffed the thank you notes from Lisa with Erica’s photos and mailed. We also determined who the early departures were.
  2. Columns Update – Nothing to report.
  3. Other new business – Charles found Mizzou candy bars at the Russell Stover outlet store for $1.00 each. We unanimously voted to buy all available to sell at watch parties, etc.
Board comments:

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, Dec 6, 2010 Larry’s office 6245 N 24th Parkway , Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016.


Respectfully submitted,

Rozanne Hird, Secretary

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