AttendeesErica Brooks, Larry Harris, Shane Guilliams, Ray Leppien Rozanne Hird 

Meeting was called to order @ 6:02 pm, by our president, Erica Brooks

Introduction of new board members

Minutes Approved

Treasurer’s Report ending balance is $ 3,731.02, $1500 due for endowment by year end and rest of lottery winners to be paid. Should have ~ $1500 at year end left in the bank. Approved


Old Business –

  1. Endowment Fundraiser update –Letters being mailed by Jayson this week, incl very nice bios
  2. Past & upcoming events –
    1. 10/24 vs Texas 5 pm (homecoming) approx 50 attendees
    2. No official watch party for Colorado game (10/31) and Iowa State not televised 11/21
    3. KSU 11/14 and KU 11/28 we will have watch parties
  3. Big 12 UpdateNothing to report
D.  Columns update – Nothing to report

E.   Website redesignErica hasn’t connected with Steve, and hasn’t completed banner for top of home page. If Steve doesn’t have time to work on website now, Erica suggested Weebly as an alternative.  It is free, easy web development tool. Bad tech support, which we don’t use anyway. There are limited templates for the free version, but can connect to Google calendar, can do forms, e-commerce. A motion passed for Erica to try to get in touch with Steve, but if not  she will do a Weebly website

  1. Goals Review
    1. Endowment letter update – Done (see above)
    2. Student recruitment activity – Amy & Lisa should talk to the students @ Thanksgiving break to plan for Jan
    3. Membership – Ray is a new member, Josh needs to renew then we will have our 5 min.
    4. Contacting high school newspapers – Lisa to do?
    5. Relationship with Kim Covington – Jill working on getting Tertulia kids a tour of the station ?
    6. Mizzou magazine ¼ submission ?
    7. Website redesign – Hope to have up and running by year end.

New Business

A.   Don resigning as Treasurer as of 1/1/10

B.   Diversity grant for 50 yr graduate event – Erica will ask Jayson how many graduates before 1960 and location w/in the valley


Board comments None of us attended the Madcap Theater Mizzou movie Sat night.


Next Board meeting- Monday, 12/14 @ Larry’s office


The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Rozanne Hird

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