Attendees: Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Lisa Amato, Jill Waldrop, Ray Leppien, Jim Davis, Rozanne Hird, Shane Guilliams (by phone)
Meeting was called to order: 6:00 pm by our president, Erica Brooks

Minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: $ 3348.65 Everything disbursed for the yr except $ 1500 match for endowment. Jill moved and motion passed that we send this in before yr end.
Old Business –
A. Big 12 Update:
a. Cruiser Crawl – 5/820 participants, 1 from Mizzou (Jill) good time
b. Golf Tourney 6/12 Legacy – invitations sent this past week
c. Picnic 11/7 (tent)

B. Columns update:
Done except Responsibility – Maintain website and donate to a Mizzou program. Larry moved and motion passed that we send $100 to Tigers for Tigers

C. Student Recognition event
Sept 27 @ 3pm @ Ray’s house 1101 E Warner RD, #139. Ray will get the food, to be reimbursed from our account at Mizzou. Lisa will make the certificates for the students, and Erica will order gift bags from Jayson and make football books. The program will be to assemble the football books, present the certificates, and then BBQ

D. 50 year graduates event
Sept 25th will not work for Shane. He suggested Sunday, Oct 10. He will coordinate with Jayson, and let the rest of us know. Then Rozanne will change the reservation at Marie Callendars.

E. Goals Review:
a. Membership: Goal is10- Currently have 6. Consider goal done for the year.

F. Scholarship applicants update
Eliza will not be attending Mizzou after all. Natalie has been notified she is our Capstone scholarship recipient. After much discussion, Larry moved and motion passed that we give $500/semester to Parker, and $500/semester to Ben Owens. Ray abstained from voting.

New Business
A. Remaining funds
Ray advised we have only spent $128.37 this year, for which we can be reimbursed from Mizzou fund. We discussed expenses for the BBQ, including food and nice gifts to be given to the students attending. Ray to pick up what he feels is appropriate during his trip to Columbia later this month.

B. Board Elections – Board positions spoken for are as follows:
 President – Shane Guilliams
 President Elect –
 Secretary – Rozanne Hird
 Treasurer – Ray Leppien
 Scholarship Chair – Amy Grimes
 Recruiting Chair – Lisa Amato
 Online Chair – Erica or Donna Lucchesi
 Big 12 Rep – Jill Waldrop

Larry moved and motion passed that we email again requesting for additional members and have elections at June Board meeting.

C. Endowment Thank you cards – Lisa will write the cards based on narrative provided by Erica.

Board comments: We discussed our funds at Columbia, and since we have money left, we are planning a strategic planning board retreat for next month. Erica will research locations and let us know where.
We received an email regarding the University Parents Assoc.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:19 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, June 14, 2010 Location TBA

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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