Attendees:  Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Amy Grimes, Jill Waldrop, Rozanne Hird
Meeting was called to order: 6:04 pm by our president, Erica Brooks

Minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: $ 3262.08 Balance.  There is a $50 outstanding check from the football books that might be donated back to our scholarship fund. Erica will check.
Old Business –
A. Past & upcoming events:
1. Feb 13 Founders Day, year of the Tiger dinner 15 people attended
2. Watch party: March 6 for KU game 24 attendees, we raised $60 from raffle tickets
3. March 13 –Big 12 Championship game – Erica will be out of town.
4. NCAA Tournament – wing it as games come up

B. Big 12 Update:
1. Royals Spring training 3/14 Papago Park - tickets $8
2. Softball Tourney 4/10 – Kiwanis Park $15/person
3. Golf Touney 6/12 Legacy – invitations coming this month
4. Cruiser Crawl – was to be 5/1, looking for a new date
5. Picnic 11/7 (tent)
6. Volunteer days @ SVdP  date TBA- 1 day @ dining room, 1 @ Watkins in the kitchen preparing food
7. DBacks date TBA
8. Volunteer day w/ dogs- working w/ a no-kill shelter to raise money for pupp adoptions. Date TBA
9. Logo – working on our own VOTS Big 12 Logo

C. Columns update:
Tradition done, only need Pride. Larry moved that Gary Link receive the Lighting the Way Award. Motion passed unanimously. Rozanne will order it along with the Rozanne Hird award.

D. Alumni Legacy Award
Jill working on for Don Prater- will need recommendation letters from some of the board members to complete it

E. Tertulia trip
Thought it was on, but received email from school after this board meeting that they can’t afford the trip this year.

F. 50 year graduates event
April 10/11 were the only dates that Shane and Jayson could both attend. We all agreed this is too soon to get invitations printed and sent. Lengthy discussion followed, and Larry moved we move the event to July or Aug. Motion carried. Next month we will discuss if this event is to be on its own, or combined with board picnic with students and families, and have dates available for over the summer. Everyone agreed Marie Callenders was the place to have this event, since they will provide the room for free, and have a reasonably priced menu.

G. Goals Review:
1. Membership: Goal is10 Currently at 5 plus processing 1 for friend of Don Prater, Dr Rich Schooler (?), and Moe. 
2. Contacting high school newspapers: Nothing has been done. Larry tabled until next year.
3. Relationship with Kim Covington: Jill still working to firm up a date

New Business
A. Scholarship applicants update
Natalie and Eliza’s apps reviewed. Larry moved that our Capstone scholarship go to Eliza, and we give Parker $1000, $500 to Natalie and $500 to Ben (if he reapplies) from our local funds. Half of these monies to be paid by 5/1, the rest after Aug (and sale of football books). This is all subject to our meeting with Eliza, which is tentatively scheduled for March 20th at 10AM at La Grande Orange.

B. June Student recognition BBQ – tabled until next month
Board comments: A letter was received from Mizzou about endowments, that they can use 1% of our funds for student recruitment, etc. This doesn’t affect us per Larry and Jill, since our money is not officially endowed yet.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, April 12, 2010 @ Larry’s office

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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