Attendees:  Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Lisa Amato, Jill Waldrop, Rozanne Hird, Shane Guilliams, Amy Grimes
Meeting was called to order: 6:42 pm by our president, Erica Brooks after dinner at California Pizza Kitchen

Minutes: Approved in abstentia

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $ 749.65-- $ 1500 match for endowment sent and $1000 sent for 2 scholarships for Ben and Parker. One check for $100 is outstanding for Tigers for Tigers fund.
Old Business
A. Big 12 Update:
a. Golf Tourney 6/12 Legacy – 60 golfers, Jill only 1 from Mizzou
b. Picnic 11/7 – no silent auction, self grilled hamburgers and hotdogs instead of catered meal like in past years.

B. Columns update:
We achieved Capstone status again!

C. Student Recognition event
Sept 27 @ 3pm @ Ray’s house 1101 E Warner RD, #139. Ray will get the food, to be reimbursed from our account at Mizzou. Lisa will make the certificates for the students, and Erica will order gift bags from Jayson and make football books. The program will be to assemble the football books, present the certificates, and then BBQ

D. 50 year graduates event
Sunday, Oct 10. Reservation at Marie Callendars, 4573 E Cactus Rd.

E. Goals Review:
1. Membership: Goal is10- Currently  have 6. Consider goal done for the year.
New Business
A. Remaining funds
We have $330 in our Columbia account. Part we spent on dinner for the board members, the rest will be used for food and supplies for the student BBQ on the 27th.

B.  Board Elections – Erica reviewed the board positions as follows:
  President – Shane Guilliams
  President Elect –
  Secretary – Rozanne Hird
  Treasurer – Ray Leppien
  Scholarship Chair – Amy Grimes or Donna Lucchesi
  Recruiting Chair – Lisa Amato
  Online Social Media Chair – Erica Brooks
  Online Website Chair Steve Sliker
  Big 12 Rep – Jill Waldrop
  Columns Chair – Larry Harris

After discussion, Amy volunteered to be President- Elect and let Donna be Scholarship Chair. Larry moved and motion passed that we accept the slate as presented.  Congratulations to the new board

Board comments: Rozanne presented the Rozanne Hird Award to Shane Guilliams.  Erica was also presented the President’s Award for her term in office.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, July 12, 2010 Larry’s office 6245 N 24th Parkway , Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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