Attendees:  Shane Guilliams, Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Lisa Amato, Adrianna Amato, Ray Leppien, Rozanne Hird, Amy Grimes
Meeting was called to order: 6:06 pm by our president, Shane Guilliams

Minutes: Electronically approved when emailed

Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $ 542.18—will have $ 848 after our expenses are reimbursed from our Columbia account
Old Business
A. Student Recognition event – Great picnic, got football books assembled. Note for next year, hold earlier so more students can attend.

B.  Big 12 Update:
1. SVdP service – 7/31 @ kitchen, 8/8 Henry Unger Dining room
2. DBacks game – 8/21
3. Picnic 11/7 – no silent auction, self grilled hamburgers and hotdogs instead of catered meal like in past years.

C. Football books – Starting to sell, send money and book stubs to Jill

New Business
A. Goals Review:
1. Endowment letter – add a page to our website w/ Paypal link or send payment directly to Mizzou. Erica will ask Jayson.
2. Student Recruitment activity – Lisa will check with Jayson for training to be a recruiter for local college night.
3. Membership: Goal is10
4. Contacting High School newspapers – Per Lisa, the schools never called her back –Reinvestigate?
5. Relationship with Kim Covington – Now friends with Jill on Facebook
6. Mizzou magazine ¼ submissions- They don’t take submissions anymore
7. Website redesign - done

B. Scholarship Topics – Limit our scholarships so we can add to endowment? Jill suggested we keep our money to give local scholarships. Ray suggested a second fundraiser like a bowling event

C. Football watch parties – Definitely for Ill game 9/4 Shane will contact George

D. Website update for minutes – How long should we keep the minutes on the website? We all agreed 6 months only.

E. 50 year graduates event –Sunday, Oct 10. 1-4 PM Reservation at Marie Callendars, 4573 E Cactus Rd. Lisa suggested we get 3 entrees, Meatloaf, turkey and grilled chicken. Jayson is coming, & has presentation and medals. We will discuss next years’ ASU game here & tailgate party. Do Tiger Tidbits (table topics to get people talking to each other). Our grant was approved for $500. We are estimating  25-30 guests. Guests will be free, ½ price for guest of alums. Ask Jayson if he will stay over until Monday and give us a board orientation. Lisa will do follow up thank you notes.

F. Adrianna was on Mizzou website

G. Leaders’ weekend –Sept 17th-19th - Shane and Jill are going

Board comments: none

The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, Aug 9, 2010 Larry’s office 6245 N 24th Parkway , Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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