Attendees:  Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Amy Grimes, Jill Waldrop, Ray Leppien and Shane Guilliams by phone
Meeting was called to order: 6:13 pm by our president, Erica Brooks

Minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: Not available. Ray is still transitioning into position and getting access to bank account. However, $125 and $136 was deposited. Approximate balance: $3792.
Old Business –
A. Scholarship Fundraiser update: So far, we have received $5635 in donations in addition to our previous balance of $3146.87. There is a pending match for $1500 plus our chapter donation of $1500. We should exceed our $10,000 by end of this fiscal year.

B. Past & upcoming events:
1. Texas Bowl game: Dec 31, 85 attended
2. Student Recruitment event: Jan 5 at Corona del Sol with Parker, Adrianna, Ben and Erica; additional recruitment days at Seton by Adrianna and at Chandler by Moe. About 75 students were reached in total; Arrangements made by Amy Grimes.
3. Mizzou vs KSU watch party: Jan 9, 5 attended. Nice win!
4. Upcoming watch party: Jan 30 vs OSU
5. Upcoming watch party: March 6 for kU game

C. Big 12 Update: Suns game on Dec 18, 4 Tigers attended

D. Columns update: No update available

E. Website redesign: New site was launched this week and it looks great! Additional pix will be added later this month as well as a Pay Pal button for easy access.

F. Goals Review:
1. Student recruitment activity: Done!
2. Membership: Currently at 4 but 1 more is in the works.  Goal is10.
3. Contacting high school newspapers: Lisa to do? No update
4. Relationship with Kim Covington: Relationship is still being nurtured
5. Website redesign: Done!

G. Diversity Grants: Amy is working on the Tertulia trip and Shane is working on the 50 yr alumni event
New Business
A. 50 Year Graduate Event: Shane is working on demographics so we can decide on a location as well as a date.  Jayson is getting us medals to present to attendees.  Erica suggested a “Then and Now” presentation with DVD’s from Mizzou to show.  We would like to present info on our scholars, the endowment, St. Vinny’s, Tertulia, watch parties and our other events and give them an opportunity to get to know our chapter and what we do.

B. Year of the Tiger/Founder’s Day event: Feb 14, 2010 marks the Year of the Metal Tiger in the Chinese New Year.  Jim Telle suggested we try to incorporate this into an event and Founder’s Day is at that time.  Erica is looking into decs for this occasion like masks, coloring books, fortune cookies, etc. We are considering dates for this event and may try to have it with a watch party. The Baylor game is closest to the date but game being televised is unknown. The Texas A&M game, Nebraska, ISU and Texas are also being considered.
Board comments:
Next Board meeting- Monday, Feb 8, 2010 @ Larry’s office

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Jill Waldrop, substitute for Rozanne who was out ill. We wish her well in overcoming her sickness! Get better soon, Rozanne!

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