Attendees:  Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Shane Guilliams, Josh Gilmore, Amy Grimes, Jill Waldrop, Don Prater, Rozanne Hird

Meeting was called to order @ 6:05 pm, by our president, Erica Brooks

Introduction of new board members –

Minutes – Approved

Treasurer’s Report ending balance is $ 3,531.02, plus $136 to deposit from raffle tickets. Approved

Old Business

Scholarship Fundraiser update $3885 processed so far, plus a matching gift for $ 1500, total of $5385

Past & upcoming events
1. Texas Bowl game 12/31 tailgate starts at noon, need setup help
2. Illinois Bragging Rights Basketball 12/23 7:30 tipoff, no official watch party
3. Basketball watch parties discusses & decided KSU on 1/9 and OK 1/30 for sure

Big 12 Update – Suns game 1/8, 7 pm, resevations due Dec 18, $45:   We may have another picnic in Nov

Columns update – We have 5 new members, so Responsibility is done, Tradition is Founders day, Respect is student recruitment to be done over Christmas break, Pride is our spring nomination, so we are in good shape for this early in the year.

Website redesign – Website looking good. She and Steve are having trouble getting the domain named transferred to Weebly. Steve has created a Twitter account.  For the about us page Erica is asking for contributions from board members and tips for going to school @ Mizzou and wants 1-2 sentence bios about Tiger Biz Network sponsors

Goals Review
1. Endowment letter update – Done (see above)
2. Student recruitment activity – To be done over Christmas break
3. Membership – Currently @ 5, Josh needs to renew & we can sponsor Moe.
4. Contacting high school newspapers – Lisa to do? No update
5. Relationship with Kim Covington – Done. Jill met with Kim at the alumni cocktail party last week
6. Mizzou magazine ¼ submission – We will do a submission for our website launch & Tertulia trip – mag is structured differently than in the past.
7. Website redesign – (see above)

New Business

Don resigning as Treasurer as of 1/1/10 - Ray Leppien elected unanimously

Diversity grant for 50 yr graduate event - Mizzou used to have 50 yr medals that they would present, but now want the local chapters to do the honors. Next deadline for the grant is Feb 15 for events held by 6/1. Shane will analyze the locations of graduates around the valley and scope out possible locations to hold the event and costs. Further discussion next month. Amy will apply for the Tertulia grant.
Board comments Very nice reception last week for the Dean of Student Affairs

Next Board meeting- Monday, 1/11/10 @ Larry’s office

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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