Attendees:  Shane Guilliams, Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Lisa Amato, Don Prater, Jill Waldrop,  Rozanne Hird, Amy Grimes
Meeting was called to order: 6:10 pm by our president, Shane Guilliams
Minutes: Approved
Treasurer’s Report: Current balance $ 1598.61—Discussed if Ray had been reimbursed from our Columbia account. We don’t think so yet.
Old Business –
A.    Big 12 Update:
1.    Golf – OK came in 1st, Fiesta Bowl 2nd and Neb 3rd – Raised over $600 for AZ Humane Society and over $1800 for Lucky Dog Rescue.
2.    SVdP service – 7/31 @ kitchen 10 participated, 8/8 Henry Unger Dining room 23 participated
3.    DBacks game – 8/21
4.    Picnic 11/7 – no silent auction, self grilled hamburgers and hotdogs instead of catered meal like in past years. Food drive as in past years plus can drive during watch parties.

B.    Goals Review:
1.    Endowment letter – add a page to our website w/ Paypal link or send payment directly to Mizzou. Erica will ask Jayson. She has not recd a response yet.

2.    Student Recruitment activity – Lisa did not do this. Erica likes system currently in place of our current recipients visiting schools. WE all agreed. Larry moved to scratch B as a goal. Passed unanimously.

C.    Football books – Selling well, with few left for Jill to take back to Columbia

New Business
A.    Don Prater to receive Legacy award at Leaders weekend – Yeah! Lisa will try to get Adrianna to tape the presentation

B.    Scholarship Topics – Erica moved that we look for a replacement pending a possible out of state move by Donna Lucchesi. Motion carried.

C.    Football watch parties – Definitely for Ill game 9/4 Shane will contact George

D.    Website update for minutes – Erica will update tonight.

E.    50 year graduates event –Sunday, Oct 10. 1-4 PM Reservation at Marie Callendars, 4573 E Cactus Rd. Marie Callendars is giving us the 3rd entrée free. Jayson is coming, & has presentation and medals. He will stay over Monday to attend our board meeting. Lisa moved all communication be via email the next 2 weeks to be sure invitations go out in a timely manner. Passed. Don will be coming back from an event in Atlanta that afternoon, and won’t be able to make this event unless he gets an earlier flight

F.    Leaders’ weekend –Sept 17th-19th – Shane, Don and Jill are going

Board comments:
Lisa had several suggestions. First create a flier to promote our available scholarships to HS journalism classes. Next become listed on Fast Web, a search engine for scholarships. She will research what it takes to be listed. 3rd, Mid First Bank has a collect change program where they match what non-profits collect. Last, have a team for Walk for the Cure next year.

Erica asked if we should send a blanket email to our members about our scholarship football books and we all said no.

We all discussed email communication slowdown with Jayson and timing of invitations for watch parties.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:06 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, Sept 13, 2010 Larry’s office 6245 N 24th Parkway , Ste 201, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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