Attendees:  Erica Brooks, Larry Harris, Amy Grimes, Jill Waldrop, Ray Leppien, Shane Guilliams, Rozanne Hird, Lisa Amato (by phone)
Meeting was called to order: 6:07 pm by our president, Erica Brooks

Minutes: Approved

Treasurer’s Report: $ 3372.08 Balance, plus $76 Erica turned in from the last watch party.  This includes the $50 outstanding check from the football books that was confirmed donated back to our scholarship fund.  
Old Business –
A. Past & upcoming events:
1. NCAA Tournament MU vs WVa -  28 attendees including John Lawrence, head of Diversity committee

B. Big 12 Update:
1. Royals Spring training 3/14 Papago Park – attendees unknow
2. Softball Tourney 4/10 – 15 attendees plus Truman, the dog
3. Golf Touney 6/12 Legacy – invitations coming this month
4. Cruiser Crawl –5/8 tentatively Big 12 meeting 4/13, Jill will learn more about all of the below then
5. Picnic 11/7 (tent)
6. Volunteer days @ SVdP  date TBA- 1 day @ dining room, 1 @ Watkins in the kitchen preparing food
7. DBacks date TBA
8. Volunteer day w/ dogs- working w/ a no-kill shelter to raise money for pupp adoptions. Date TBA
9. Logo – working on our own VOTS Big 12 Logo

C. Columns update: No changes

D. Alumni Legacy Award - Jill read the award submission for Don Prater

E. Tertulia trip to 12 news tv station– 30 kids, 6 adults including 2 teachers, everyone had a good time, pictures will be posted on the website.

F. Student Recognition event – Erica reviewed the pros and cons of combining this with the 50 yr graduates event. After some discussion, we decided to have 2 events. Student event will be Sunday, June 27 @ Ray’s house. Jayson to send a “save the date” email a month ahead, followed by written invitations.

G. 50 year graduates event – Sept 25th, 2 pm @ Marie Callenders was the place to have this event, since they will provide the room for free, and have a reasonably priced menu. Rozanne to get reservation to them, and ask cost to add a third entrée to their buffet.  Invitations will be sent a month in advance.

H. Goals Review:
1. Membership: Goal is10 Currently at 5 plus processing 1 for friend of Don Prater, Dr Rich Schooler (?), and Moe. 
2. Contacting high school newspapers: Nothing has been done. Larry tabled until next year.
3. Relationship with Kim Covington: Done

I. Scholarship applicants update – Eliza may not be attending Mizzou after all. If not, Natalie will get our Capstone scholarship, and next month we will discuss our local funds distribution.

New Business
A. Board Elections – Everyone think about your position, if you want to stay, nominate someone else, etc and let Erica know.
Board comments: We discussed our funds at Columbia, and have approximately $600. Ray will assemble all of our receipts for the year, to submit to them, and then whatever money is left, he will go shopping at the Bookstore when in Columbia next month to get good stuff for raffle prizes for the coming year.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:17 pm.

Next Board meeting- Monday, May 10, 2010 @ Larry’s office

Respectfully submitted,
Rozanne Hird

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